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  1. Steffi1690 1wk 3d ago

  2. Steffi1690 3wk 2d ago

  3. Tanya2000 9wk 0d ago

    Thanks for your fav

  4. Steffi1690 9wk 4d ago

  5. Monu-chan 9wk 6d ago

    Quote by KiyanaIkebanaHi Monu-chan :) I am so sorry, but my pc is broken, so I don't have photoshop right now :'(
    My coloring is usually accidental....I play with layers or patterns...or I adding other color then the original....
    Or try this:
    I hope I can help you :D Sorry for my bad English!

    Awww sad to hear that D:
    I hope your pc will get fix soon!
    And Thanks for the link :D

  6. Monu-chan 10wk 1d ago

    Kiyana-chan please teach me how you've colored the eyes in your latest Sakura's Vector. Please *bows*

  7. Huesin Elite Member 25wk 4d ago

    Quote by KiyanaIkebana Thank you for your fav on my last vector! :3

    You're welcome~
    It's been a while since I saw a nice Sakura artwork. Keep up the good work~ :3

  8. Monu-chan 26wk 3d ago

    Quote by KiyanaIkebana

    OH! MY CUTE! WHAT?!? :D :D :D
    I always thought that "Monu-chan" is a girl >///< I am sooooo SORRY! REALLY! :D

    But you give me the best comment ever! I never received so a lovely feedback like your comment <3
    I think you make my day even more magical! First I was afraid, that nobody notice the vector. You are really surprise me! :3
    I am sorry, it's only a vector. I planned to make a wallpaper, but I was toooo lazy XD XD XD

    Anyway, thank you for your beautiful words and sorry for my english :D
    have a nice day! :)

    Lol, I'm boy not a girl xD I may sound like a girl but I'm not xD But it's okay I don't mind it much common misunderstanding for me >.>;

    You're very welcome! :D Well, MT is less active but still there are members who are active and participates in comments, submiting wall/vectors/indyarts. Because we don't want our beloved MT to die!

    It's completely okay, I rendered your vector added few swirls, brushes, petals etc. and ta da! a simple wall for my phone is ready with your magical vector! <3
    Again lots of thanks for sharing your magical Sakura's vector with us! :D

  9. Steffi1690 28wk 0d ago

  10. elisadevelon Elite Member 37wk 2d ago

    Quote by KiyanaIkebana JUUUUU! Ja jsem to vedela, že to zvládneš! MOOOOOOC Ti Gratulujuuuuuu! <3 <3 <3

    Děkuju! :* <3 <3 <3

  11. elisadevelon Elite Member 37wk 4d ago

    Quote by KiyanaIkebana ahoooooooooj tak cooo? :) vyšlo?

    Ahoooj! Jo, vyšlo! Dali mi B protože jsem se odklonila od původní témy a víc se zaobírala charakteristikou postav než analýzou jazyka, ale řekli, že co se toho odklonu týče, tak jsem tam měla všechno, co jsem si stanovila v abstraktu, takže v tom ohledu byli spokojení. A já jsem taky. :D

    Teď ještě přežít příští týden a budu mat školu za sebou. (snad :D )

  12. elisadevelon Elite Member 38wk 0d ago

    Quote by KiyanaIkebana Oh nový design :D

    Ahoj, já ti jen chtěla říct, že ti budu ve čtvrtek držet palce, abys obhajobu zvládla :)

    Jé, ahoj! Jo, chtělo to změnu. :D

    Mockrát děkuju! :*